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Using karaoke machines or system can be an excellent way for you to learn how to sing. Karaoke is not only fun for a party environment, it can be an excellent source of vocal training for anybody aspiring to become a singer. If you're a person that loves to sing in front of many people, then better singing techniques is very important to empower you to deliver a better singing show.

Anyone that has tried to put together a live band can tell you how difficult it really is. Members can be temperamental and often have big egos. When told that they may be making mistakes these people often become angry and eventually may even quit if they're told enough times. On the other hand there are the people that claim to be very serious and professional but when it comes time to start putting your show together they either have not learned their parts or forget the parts they have worked on previously because they have not done their homework and practiced at home. Very frustrating indeed. Using karaoke machines you can learn to train your voice.



Singing karaoke for the first time in public may be one of the scariest moments of your life, but many people have discovered that it becomes easier over time. The fear and anxiety of singing in public is often replaced by the feeling of acceptance and appreciation.

For your first karaoke experience, pick a song you could literally sing in the shower. If you are a fan of Ahmed Rushdi or Sonu Nigam, you might want to choose one of their most familiar or signature tunes, not their lesser-known material. Many people in the crowd will support a singer who chooses a very popular or familiar song, and one thing you want on your side for your first time is crowd support. Be realistic about your vocal range and style and select a song that fits both. If you're not happy with your performance, you might try a different musical genre for your next song.

Sing to the ones who are listening. Karaoke audiences can be tough crowds for first-time singers. If you look out in the crowd and sense indifference, play to the people who really are listening to you. If you are nervous about singing in public for the first time, seeing your friends and family singing along with you or clapping or dancing can do wonders for your self-confidence. Once an audience gets a sense of your musical tastes and vocal styling, they should begin to warm up and become more responsive.

The first time you sing karaoke, you may want to bring a friend to the stage for moral support. If you become friends with a more established singer, he may also agree to sing along with you. Karaoke singing should be a social ice-breaker and constructive outlet, not a competition.




By following these vocal techniques your breath will last longer and you won't end up having to stop in the middle of a song to take a breath. Below are vocal techniques that help you improve your singing voice. Just like any other athlete, singers too need to warm up their voice before singing to avoid strain. Here are some effective warm up exercises:

  • Slowly count to four and take a deep breath. Hold it while counting to four again. Then, let your breath out with a hissing sound while you count to eight. Do this exercise a few times.
  • Take a very deep breath, then sing "ahhhh" until your breath run out. Quietly start your voice and then make it louder and louder as you let your breath out.
  • The other technique lets you warm up your voice range. Start as low as you can, then go up to the highest note that you can, and then finally go back down to your lowest note again.
  • Sing your voice scales with each vowel sound, do the eight notes up and back again.
  • Another exercise is by doing some tongue twister as fast as you can to warm up your tongue, your lips, your cheeks, and your mouth.

First of all, a good distance to be from the karaoke microphone when your voice is soft to normal is one inch. This will seem like you are right on top of it, and you are, but you don't want to ever touch it with your lips. You might get shocked! As the volume of your song gets louder, move the microphone away.

In the softer parts of the song, move it back closer to your mouth again. Moving the microphone in this way is like your volume knob. Moving it farther away turns down your volume. Moving it closer turns up your volume. If your karaoke microphone is on a stand while you are singing, instead of moving the mic closer and farther from your mouth, you move your body. The way to make this look natural is to stand with one foot slightly in front of the other.

When you inhale, push your stomach out. This will allow you to more completely fill your lungs. As you exhale, bring your stomach slowly in, using the muscles of your diaphragm (which is just under your ribcage) to control your tone.

Then, in the soft parts of the song, just lean forward a bit more onto your front foot. In the louder parts, move backward a bit onto your back foot.

Where should you point the karaoke microphone? Always point it toward your mouth. Never point it toward a speaker .

Another thing that causes feedback is curling your hand around the top of the microphone and be sure you don't drop or bang the microphone.

First of all, make sure the microphone has ambient noise filters, which eliminate background noise. The next step is to determine if the frequency response is right for you: an average response would be around 100-12,000 Hz. A lightweight microphone is always better than a heavier and larger one.

Singing at your natural volume and find your natural volume. Many people sing too softly, out of shyness or embarrassment. This keeps them from being able to support a good tone. Others sing as loudly as possible, which can result in sharp or flat notes, as well as body tension. Singing at your natural volume and you will feel good.


  1. To gain confidence sing a song you already know.
  2. Think about the words and general atmosphere of the song. It's no good singing a song flatly and unemotionally.
  3. Make sure to do breathing exercises each day and before singing.
  4. Inhale by pushing the tummy muscles down and out. Your tummy should come out as you inhale (your shoulders should NOT move up).
  5. Exhale by pulling the tummy muscles in. The tummy should go inward as the breath goes out.
  6. This may not be the way you breathe now, but it is the correct way to breathe and practice can make it subconscious.
  7. Before going to sleep each night practice this way of breathing.
  8. Any time you think of it, practice breathing correctly.
  9. To aid with the practice of this breathing technique, (which is also used for meditations) place hands on the tummy to feel the correct movements. A belt can also be worn to push against.
  10. Stay within the key. It is similar to singing harmonies when other notes can be sung in conjunction with the main note. Experiment! The voice is to simply expand and the vocal voice will come up like your real voice. To sing is just like imagine that everything is your voice to speak l louder to prevent your voice expand inhale ex-hale.
  11. Mix few drops of honey with black pepper  and use it few hours before singing. Honey mixed with black pepper will relax your vocal chords.


  1. When singing heavy vowels at the end of a sentence like: A as in sad, sing it more like sard. The long drawn out A sound does not make a nice sound. This applies to the 'EE' sound also. Make this sound more like A as in say. Breathe the note out and it will sound better.
  2. Do not sing too much at the start. Vocal chords are like muscles and need to be built up for strength and agility.
  3. Do not drink milk before singing as that causes mucus to form.
  4. Do not smoke. This damages your lungs and you need lungs for breathing!
  5. Only drink water while singing.
  6. Do not scream instead of breathing properly. That is not projection or singing.
  7. When singing for long periods of time, it is worth taking a swig of honey cough medicine, or sucking on a cough sweet.
  8. Do not over practice, this will harm your vocal chords and wear them out. You will end up with a hoarse or even a lost voice.
  9. Avoid drinking tea or coffee before singing, as it will affect your vocal.



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