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Keeping Nisar Bazmi's Legacy Alive


Nisar Bazmi Portrait


Ranjish Hi Sahi Dil Hi Dukhanee Kelye Aa


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Khan & Music Composer Nisar Bazmi (Admin. Khan old picture)

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Nisar Bazmi Saleem Shahzaad & Mussarat 



Nisar Bazmi The Great Music Composer Of Pakistan


Nisar Bazmi brought a new flavor into the music world of Pakistan. His tunes mainly had urban touch to them, unlike the musicians from Punjab. He also gave many new singers to the industry, Alamgir being one of them. Masterpieces: Shama Aur Parwana, Umra o Jaan Ada and Aisa Bhi Hota Hai. The famous duo of composers Laxmikant-Pyarelal were musicians of Nisar Bazmi in India before partition and later they became great music composers.


Pride of Pakistan, Syed Nisar Ahmed, is the son of Syed Qudrat Ali. He was born in 1924 in Khandesh, Naseerabad, Bombay, India. He did not belong to an artistic family. Hence he possessed no prior musical background. The extraordinary talents of the young genius never ringed as true as they did in 1937. Prominent Indian musician of Bombay, Khan Saheb Aman Ali Khan was convinced by Nisar Bazmi's musical interest and taught him music. Equipped with artistic know-how, young Nisar Bazmi, who was just 13 at the time, quickly mastered the various ragas, the musical instruments and took all music lessons to heart. The tremendous aptitude of this youth were there, just waiting to be used. In 1939, the "All India Radio" hired him as an artist, which later proved to be a steppingstone for his future aspirations. The magic moment came in the year 1944 when he composed some songs for a drama, "Nadir Shah Durrani", which was broadcast from the Bombay Radio Station. All the songs of afore mentioned drama were super hits. A new Indian film producer at that time was moved by Nisar Bazmi's composition.

Hence the afore mentioned producer asked Nisar Bazmi to compose the songs for his film "Jamana Paar", which was released in 1946. Nisar accepted the offer. At this time he also changed his name to Nisar Bazmi. He dived into his new task with zeal. Thus a legend was born, whose fabulous music were soon to be heard across the Sub-continent. Nisar Bazmi soon achieved maturity and professional recognition. Before partition. He composed the music for forty films. Twenty eight films were released during his stay in India. The rest of the movies were released in India after he immigrated to Pakistan. During meeting  Pakistan's renowned music composer, Nisar Bazmi, had said: Noor Jehan is unrivaled - Noor Jehan is incomparable. He also composed many hit songs for Runa Laila, Ahmed Rushdi, Mehdi Hassan, Faisal Nadeem and Saleem Shahzaad. Nisar Bazmi received many Nigar Awards for his achievements. Nisar Bazmi introduced many playback singers like Runa Laila and Saleem Shehzad for lollywood film industry.

  1. Nigar award for best composer for the film "Saiqa" in 1968.

  2. Nigar award for best composer for the film "Anjuman" in 1970.

  3. Nigar award for best composer film "Meri zindigi hai naghma" in 1972.

  4. Nigar award for best composer film "Khaak aur khoon" in 1979.

  5. Nigar award for best composer for the film "Hum aik hain" in 1986.

Most of the master composers are no more alive in Pakistan or across the border. Master Ghulam Haider, Feroz Nizami, Rashid Attre, Khurshid Anwar, G. A. Chishti, Master Anayet Hussain, Master Abdullah, A. Hameed, Nashad, Kamal Ahmad, M. Ashraf etc. are all part of our cultural history. He says: "The throw of words by Noor Jehan remains unmatched. She was the first singer to bring expression to film music. She could render love songs, compositions depicting joy, sadness, tragedy with facility of movement." Saying this, he uttered a prayer for her. Mentioned here below are the five films, whose songs were composed by Nisar Bazmi. During his stay in India. These films were released before partition: "Jamana Paar", "Jabe Katra", "Dagha baaz dost", "Extra girl", "Khauf naak Aankhein". Nisar migrated to Pakistan on June 21, 1962. Once permanently settled in Pakistan, he resumed his music career by simultaneously composing songs for two movies. Director Raza Mir's movie "Lakhoan mein aik's" mega hit songs extols the virtues of Nisar's top rated composition. Nisar had literally built a phenomenal career on being cordial. He had fulfilled himself artistically and personally. His superfluous composition in director S.Sulaiman's film "Aag" brought him to the fore- front of the Pakistani cinema. Composers with exceptional qualities like Nisar Bazmi are as scarce as hen's teeth. As for his music prowers, it cannot be measured with a yardstick.He also composed anthems for the Pakistan Navy. Nisar Bazmi Sahib also wrote poetry, which have been published in "Phir Saz Sada Khamosh Huwa." 

Bazmi sahib teaches music to up-and-coming youngsters, but only Faisal Latif has managed to become somewhat popular. When asked why his students like Shafiq-ur-Rehman, Tanveer Afridi, Shabana and Shazia Kausar are unable to reach the top, he says, “My job was to train them, which I did. Now it is up to the musicians to utilize them as I am sure they have the talent to be the best.” When asked if our  youth going in the right direction, Bazmi sahib feels that it is because of our youths' lack of interest that our music is not what it used to be.

“A youngster today doesn't want to be taught like the legendary singers. His only interest is to become rich and famous in a short time, which is certainly the wrong way.”




The distance learning website "Keyboard In Desi Style" is the first step towards online music lessons in Pakistan. I appreciate Khan and his team efforts for compiling such a comprehensive book and producing a unique website of interactive music learning. Music is all around us. It marks every event of our life, from birth marriage and death to the phased in between.  Man has long known that music has the ability to calm, convince and give a new lease of life. It is only recently that science has begun to understand, study and document the effects of music in methodology, which leaves little room for doubt. This book is unique as it brings out in very clear language, the importance of the study of musical thaat/scales; for music is the force that strengthens the relation between global and cosmic phenomena. This book also deals with the basic concepts and terms of music, its forms, styles, Indian melodies i.e. ragas and rhythm structure. A unique approach towards studying the art of classical music has been adopted which reinterprets the ancient scriptures and opens new avenues in the field of music. Midi sequencing work of great composers is also marvelous in this comprehensive website. Midi Sequencing is now opening a new dimension in musicology and more efforts are required for the improvement to achieve the best. Keyboard in Desi Style is the title of the book that is a combination of both western and eastern music lessons. It is also noticeable that teaching method of books do not believe playing with notations. Main emphasis has also been given to thaat, their ragas, raga based songs and sargam. Furthermore, such a comprehensive book on keyboard and harmonium lessons is not yet available anywhere in the internet.


Nisar Bazmi Composition

  1. Ranjis hi sahi dil hi dukhane kelye aaa - Ghazal

  2. Dil Dharke Me Tum Se Yeh Kese: Runa Laila

  3. Ik husn ki devi say mujhay pyar hua tha: Mehdi Hasan Film Meri zindigi hai naghma

  4. Ik Sitm Aur Meri Jaan Abhi Jaan Baqi Hai: Mehdi Hassan

  5. In Ki Nazroo Se Muhabat Ka Jo Pegam Mila

  6. Ham Chale To Hamere Sang Sang Nizare Chale: Ikhlaq Ahmed

  7. Barie mushkil sai huwa tera mera saath piya:  Noor Jehan

  8. Haalat badal nahin saktey:  Noor Jehan

  9. Chalo acha huwa tum bhool gayey:  Noor Jehan

  10. Dil diya dard liya aankh mein ansoo Mehdi Hassan

  11. Halaat badal naheen sakte Film  Lakhon mein aik Noor Jehan

  12. Sun Saajna, dukhi mann ki pukar Film Lakhon mein aik Noor Jehan

  13. Mere dil ki mehfil saja dene waley Film Andleeb, Rushdi/ Noor Jahan

  14. Mora jiya na lage bin teri yard Film  Pyar hi pyar, Ustad Amanat Ali

  15. Pyar kar ke ham bohat pachtae Film  Andleeb Noor Jehan

  16. Ho tamanna aur kaya jan-e-tammana Film Aisa bhi hota hai

  17. Kuch kog rooth ker bhi lagtey hein Film  Andleeb, Ahmed Rushdi

  18. Beete dinno ki yaadon ko Film Aag Noor Jehan

  19. Laga Hai Misr Ka Bazaar Dekho: Mehdi Hassan's Film Tehzeeb

  20. Saathi kaha ho, awaaz to do: Mujeeb Alam Lakhon mein aik

  21. Yeh din bachpan ke sathi jeevan ke Film  Pyar hi pyar,  Mehdi Hasan

  22. Yadash bakheir bachpan mein Film Anjuman, Ahmed Rushdi

  23. Lag rahi hei mujhe aaj sari faza Film Anjuman, Ahmed Rushdi

  24. Hussan ko ishq ka salaam Film Taj Mehal

  25. Ik najoomi ne kaha hei Film Be Wafa, Rushdi/ Mala

  26. Mera iman mohabbat hei mohabbat ki qasam Film  Nag Mini, Mehdi Hasan

  27. Bhabhi meri bhabhi tum jiyo Film  Anjuman, Ahmed Rushdi

  28. Gesuon ke aanchal mein kya rang Film Andleeb, Ahmed Rushdi

  29. Mohabbat mein tere sar ki qasm Ahmad Rushdi Film 

  30. Asa bhi hota hai Man mandir kai devta: Noor Jehan

  31. Bibi jee salam bunda hei ghulam Film  Dushman, Ahmed Rushdi

  32. Lo janaza chala mohabbat ka Film Laila Majnoon, Masood Rana

  33. Agar tum bura na mano ik baat Film  Mulaqat,  Rushdi/ Noor Jahan

  34. Yoon zindigi ki raha mein: Mehdi Hasan

  35. Mausum haseen hai laykin: Ahmed Rushdi-Mala

  36. Aap dil ki Anjuman mein: Runa Laila

  37. Izhar bhi mushkil hai: Noor Jehan

  38. Pyar ki Aag, nigahoan mein chupaye rakhna: Naheed Akhtar Film Talaash

  39. Boal ri gurya boal zara: Nayyara Noor Film Aas

  40. Meri marzi mein gaoon gi: Runa Laila Film Aas

  41. Mera pyar teray jiwan kay sung rahay ga: Mehnaz-Mehdi Hasan Film Pehchaan

  42. Jaan-e-mun Aaj tu jo paas nahi hai: Mehdi Hasan Film Waqat Ki Pukar

  43. Tum ho haseen,iqraar karo: Ahmed Rushdi Film Waqat Ki Pukar

  44. Saajna ray naina barsay, jeeya tarsay: Noor Jehan Film Naag Muni

  45. Mun mein uthi nai tarang": Noor Jehan: Noor Jehan Film Naag Muni

  46. Tujhe apne dil se kaisay bhula doon Film Naag Muni

  47. Aisay bhi hain meherbaan: Ahmed Rushdi Film Jaisay jaantay nahi

  48. Ye mehfil jo aaj saji hai:Tahira Syed

  49. Agar koi puchay baharoan ka mutlab: Ahmed Rushdi-Runa Laila

  50. Ae baharo gawah rehna: Ahmed Rushdi-Mala

Famous Films of Nisar Bazmi


Film: Saiqa
Language: Urdu
Director: Laeeq Akhtar
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Shamim Ara, Mohammad Ali, Zamurd, Talish
Film: Ghar Pyara Ghar
Language: Urdu
Director: Ashraf Malik
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Resham, Kamal, Najma, Alauddin
Film: Aasra 
Language: Urdu
Director: Raza Meer
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Shabnum, Mohammad Ali, Ratan Kumar, Nabila
Film: Anila
Language: Urdu
Director: Raza Meer
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Deeba, Nadeem, Rozina, Talish 
Film: Jaise Jante Nahin 
Language: Urdu
Director: Suleiman
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Zeba, Mohammad Ali, Lehri, Rozina
Film: Andleeb
Language: Urdu
Director: Farid Ahmed
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Shabnum, Wahid Murad, Alia, Talish 
Film: Naz
Language: Urdu
Director: Sharif Nayyar
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Shabnum, Mohammad Ali, Zamurd, Rangeela, Adeeb
Film: Bewafa
Language: Urdu
Director: S. Suleiman
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Shamim Ara, Waheed Murad, Rana Siddiqui 
Film: Naureen
Language: Urdu
Director: Laeeq Ahmed 
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Zeba, Mohammad Ali, Sabira, Sultana, Gazala, Lehri
Date Release June 5
Film: Tehzeeb
Language: Urdu 
Director: Hassan Tariq
Music Director: Nisar Buzmi 
Cast: Rani, Shahid, Aslam Pervaiz, Lehri
Film: Naag Mani 
Language: Urdu
Director: Raza Mir
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi 
Cast: Rani, Waheed Murad, Sangeeta, Nena 
Film: Umrao Jaan Ada
Language: Urdu
Director: Hasan Tariq
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Rani, Shahid, Allauddin, Zumard
Film: Sarhad Ki Gauod Men
Language Urdu
Director: M A Rasheed
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Firdous, Mohammad Ali, Talish
Film: Mulaqat
Language Urdu
Director: Leq Akhtar
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Nisho, Waheed Murad, Meena Chauhdary, Qavi
Film: Dil Ka Sher
Language Urdu
Director: Azizul Hasan
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Shahid, Sangeeta, Husna, Lehri
Film: Piyasa
Language Urdu
Director: Hasan Tariq
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Shahid, Rani, Qavi, Zumard
Film: Aas
Language Urdu
Director: Aafaqi
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi 
Cast: Shabnum, Mohammad Ali, Qavi, Nirala, Saiqa
Film: Anmool
Language Urdu
Director: Pervaiz Malik
Music Director: Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Shabnum, Shahid, Allauddin, Afzal
Film: Baat Punchi Teri Jawani Tak
Language Urdu
Director: Shiwan Rizvi
Music Director Nisar Bazmi
Cast: Rangila, Saiqa, Munawar Zareef, Sangeeta
Film Namak Haram 
Language Urdu
Director Aafaqi
Music Director Nisar Bazmi
Cast Aasia, Nisho, Munawar Zareef, Allauddin, Qavi
Film Intizar 
Language Urdu
Director S. Salman
Music Director Nisar Bazmi 
Cast Shabnum, Nadeem, Mumtaz, Qavi, Babra, Sabara
Film Laila Majnoo
Language Urdu
Director Hasan Tariq
Music Director Nisar Bazmi
Cast Rani, Waheed Murad, Talish, Allauddin
Film Dushman
Language Urdu
Director Pervaiz Malik
Music Director Nisar Bazmi
Cast Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali, Mumtaz, Nirala, Allauddin
Film Doo Tesvereen
Language Urdu
Director S Fazli
Music Director Nisar Bazmi
Cast Shabnum, Nadeem, Aasia, Rehman, Qavi, Rangila


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